Friday, September 20, 2013

Dear Duck Part I

So, one of my dearest friends back in Salt Lake wrote me an email asking me to give more detail about my life here in Philly.  Honestly, at this point in our adventure, I feel like I could write about three books about all we've done, seen, learned, and experienced.  Instead, I've condensed it into three blog posts as well as I can.  For your reading pleasure -

Dear Duck,

Life here in Philly can be described in one word: busy.  Okay, make that two.  Exhausting.  Both of these words which currently describe our life can be traced back to one source: FOMO.  For those living the Wharton (that's the school Dave is attending) life, that word is familiar.  For those who may not know the lingo, it means FEAR OF MISSING OUT.  We all live in a constant state of terror that we're not going see and do and eat and smell and enjoy everything there is to do in this awesome city.  So we try to DO IT ALL.  No, DIA is not part of the lingo here, I just made it up.

Here's my typical day:

The girls come into our room at about 6:15 am (sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later).  The first word I hear is "boats" meaning that Emma wants Honey Bunches of Oats. I feed the little ones, try and do a little laundry and unload the dishwasher and then see Dave off to school at about 8:30 am.  Then I try and shower, get ready, get the girls ready, and pack snacks so we can go off to some adventure -

Like go to the aquarium -

Or the Please Touch Museum
Yes, you read that right.  The PLEASE TOUCH Museum.  Best.  Museum.  Ever.

(Yes, that is a hamster wheel.  I've decided I'm getting my girls one for Christmas.  They took the BEST naps that day.)

Or to the Zoo

It's a great zoo, and it was America's first zoo!  Pretty neat, huh?

Or to Sister Cities Park 

 It has streams, a small shallow pool, and a splash pad.  Great way to spend the morning.

After our morning activity we head home, and I try to keep my girls from falling asleep before we get there.  Sometimes I feed them sugar, sometimes I poke them, and sometimes I yell things from the front of the van like, "Emma!  Don't go to sleep!"

Once I've managed to keep them awake up to that point,  I then wrestle the little rascals for about an hour trying to get them to take a nap.  They do everything they can not to nap and I do everything I can to force them.  Needless to say, it's a happy hour.

While they are going to sleep I eat a lot of chocolate.  I know I will need it to help me get through the rest of the day.  For the next 2 hours, we all pass out.  Me included.  Right now I cannot survive the day without my nap.

After naps I know I'll be on my own for bedtime again, so I do anything I can to wear my girls out again.  Usually the opposite happens and they just wear me out.

We wrestle in the green space downstairs

Poor Becca, no wonder she had back problems!  

I let them hang out with their boyfriends
They each have two or three.  There are only boys around here!  When we were going to hang out with Kate's 4-yr-old buddy, Asher, the other day she kept saying, "He is going to love my hair like this."  The girls cracks me up.

On a good day, I've made dinner and we head home to eat.  On most nights we have chicken nuggets or brave eating out - 

Can you see why we picked this place???

There is a little down time here and there, where I just get to hang with my cute little girls.  Did I mention they're cute?

 After diaper changes, potty time, jammies, and teeth-brushing (also known as teeth wrestling) we read books together.  This includes me being climbed on, my earrings being pulled, and being asked 1001 questions about what is happening in the picture, and why is the princess sad, and what the dog's name is, all before I even have a chance to read the first word on the page.  But I love it.  

Stay tuned to find out what happens after the girls go to bed . . .




  1. I LOVE this update Heidi! It's so much fun to hear about what you guys are doing! Plus, I think I'm going to have to invest in one of those hamster wheels for my boys. :) And your girls are looking so grown up and cute! Miss you guys!!!

  2. We miss you here in Utah, but loved reading and enjoying your wonderful photos.

  3. Ha! I do the same thing to my girls when they try to fall asleep while driving home--they're getting good at sleeping while I'm hollering at them not to sleep. So glad you're enjoying your stay there!

  4. There is one positive side to staying so busy, and that's that we don't have too much time to miss all of our friends and family in Utah. But every once in a while, Kate will just burst into tears and ask to go back to Utah to see Grandma and her old friends. We DO miss you all!

  5. Haha I love the hamster wheel! Miss you tons...


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